Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family BBQ

We had our family BBQ for our nephew George here holding his son, George was home on leave from overseas, we only had a short leave with him. He has been away from his family for over six months. He left yesterday to fly back for another tour.

Here is George's wife Togi who is so lonely with George overseas, she moved home hear while he is on tour. So she wouldn't be alone with the new baby. Togi and Olivia having fun while we were playing scrabble.

Uncle Skip and my man Lee cooking up a storm on the bbq, Lee can cook!

FABULOUS girls, Olivia (my daughter), Tresa (my neice) Emilee (my daughter) posing for me, while the food was cooking. I love having family dinners that everyone can get along. Thank you Lord for everyone having a great time. Bittersweet with George leaving again. Prayers for him and his wife and son while they are apart.

Me, Olivia and Emilee on our way....

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