Wednesday, July 29, 2009

summer happens around here....

This is a picture of God's blooming garden, my sister-in-law Caren shared her gift from her garden this beauty is now planted where our first flower garden will be by next summer. See we have only lived in our new home for 1 year, and it's been a slow process to create gardens and fix up the house, plus still finding boxes to unpack. God's Garden not only flowers but his children too.
God's pretties, they were kidz camp counselors at Singing Hills, the girl with the glasses is mine girl Olivia. She had such a blast and she said God showed up!! These girls planted seeds into young ladies. Awesome.

Here is a small scale of our church sign, we use this at our street fairs, love this picture. Our Pastor and other take turns placing different quotes on the real sign. Alot of times our sign is in our local newspaper becasue of the saying. See even a simple sign with words spreads seed.

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  1. I love these, Peggy Lee! I saw a saying on a church sign a few years ago, that quickly became my favorite. It read: A closed mouth gathers no foot! It has been brought to mind several times and has served to remind me to keep my own mouth closed at times. Blessings!