Friday, July 31, 2009

End of July Already!

Wow I can not believe today is the last day of July. Where did July go? I feel like we just started and celebrated the 4th. With summer camps, babysitting, band concerts and all the rain July has flashed in front of us. This reminds me on how we as Christians need to be prepared for Christ return, for we do not know the time or date. We want to be ready for that time, is your heart right with God? Is there anything holding you back from repentance? Do you need to forgive someone or ask for forgiveness? Before you or I turn in for the night, lets exam our hearts and bend a knee and pray to our Father for guidance and forgiveness and right path He wishes for us.
My heart is a little heavy for I am preparing to write my testimony here on this blog soon, which means I am opening my heart to you all, it feels very scary but I do know that is what God is pressing on me to do. Sharing my struggles and past hurts and healing to help someone, to spread some seed. Have you spread any seeds today?

Blessing to all, peggy lee


  1. I was seriously thinking the other day wow all of this 4th of July stuff is on clearance...did we already celebrate? I kid you not. What is worse is that My anniversary is July 5th so I should have known better!

  2. Oh Jenny- it's so true, the last of July has been spent on Christmas and what to make for family, and to top this off when I went shopping for my daughters birthday which is the 3rd, and also for 4th stuff they had back to school supplies out and on sale, I am not ready to think about that, I want to enjoy our summer. Happy Anniversary Jenny hope you had a good one. I loved reading your last post, I will be praying for that lady. She sounds like she needs a pray or two.
    peggy lee