Sunday, October 17, 2010

What I've been Doing!

Our lives have been so busy since the start of school started in September and with getting back to a routine schedule of homework, school events, appointments and working part time and still trying to be a stay at home mom can have it's challenges!!!! but I love my job, my first and most important job that is being a MOM!!!! I love my girls and love my husband and raising them in a Christian home is all I could ask for.....I find that trying to hold down the home and working part time is very hard for me and my family....I am not always there for my girls when they need me, but deep down it's ok that they defend for themselves once in awhile makes them love me more I think... all this to say I love being Emilee and Olivia's mom and wish life could be different with me home again and only God knows that. But for now I must work for a bit and trust that what I have taught them and prayed over them that they will be ok.
sorry for the lack of blogging, I am having to rethink some things in my everyday life and get back to what is important and what is pleasing to God. This blog is up there with my children I know that the Lord blesses me when I am faithful to my readers. Thank you for reading and praying and dreaming with me.

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