Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February

Wow It's February already-so I am sending you all a Little Valentine Card pic to say Thanks for being my blogging friends!!! Remember Jesus loves you and me-won't you let Jesus be your VALENTINE.
Here are my Valentines Girls!!! Olivia and Emilee enjoying each others company at a school game. I will cherish these moments for they go by way to fast, and the girls are growing up to fast.


  1. Happy February to you too Peggy! That's a super cute card you made. Your girls are as sweet as can be and yes, they do grow up way too fast. Time is slipping by quickly here as we grow closer to graduation. We're off to visit a college in Ohio next weekend. I'm wishing I could turn back time.
    Hugs to you~ Birgit

  2. Hi Birgit, yes they are sweet, thanks about my card, I love to create, but I am missing this blog, God has drawn me to Women's Ministry and His Word and I have not been there, please forgive my Lord....which I will start devoting my time a little more wiser to this blog, my Olivia is at a Christian College this weekend for a stay over, hoping she likes it....which I know she will but senior year first then 2011 will come quicker than I think.... hope you have a good visit in Ohio....blessings