Saturday, November 7, 2009

Please Forgive Me.

Please forgive me for the lack of blogging here, I have no excuses, just that I have been very busy and the house is and has been full of sickness. But with that God is Still So Good!! Amen
Our ladies are preparing for our Women's Fall Retreat this week coming, I have been preparing for my workshops and hotel, reg. details. We have 12 ladies attending, increase of 7 ladies from last year Praise the Lord. I have been praying that we would have at least 10 ladies attend, God blessed us with more Amen. He does hear our prayers, the prayers weren't answered overnight, we have been praying for a year and preparing the ladies with information, encouragement and excitement for what God has planned for them.
I will post with pics of the retreat and share what God blessed us with and what His purpose was and is for the next coming year in our walk/Ladies group. I am so excited, my heart is floating with anticipation!!

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